Overnight Pet Sitting

If you need to be away for a night or more, our Overnight Pet Sitting service can provide you and your pet with extra security and peace of mind.

This exclusive service offers all the same benefits as our regular Pet Sitting service but with the added perk of an overnight sleeping buddy. Your dog or cat will enjoy the company of a professional pet sitter for 10-12 hours (7pm – 7am), depending on our scheduling and you’ll enjoy the security of knowing your home is occupied while you’re gone.

Overnight Pet Sitting is great for:
  • Pets who get anxious or lonely when left alone for long stretches.
  • Pet parents who are uncomfortable leaving their pets alone at night.
  • Special needs or senior pets.
  • Puppies who need more frequent potty breaks.
  • Owners who feel more secure with their home occupied overnight.
For Dogs:
  • Both AM & PM feeding/water
  • AM & PM walks or playtime
  • Open and close shades
  • Bring in mail
  • Water potted plants
  • Pick up yard
For Cats:
  • Both AM & PM feeding/water
  • Playtime
  • Open and close shades
  • Bring in mail
  • Water potted plants
  • Clean litter boxes

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates: $105/night for dogs
Overnight Pet Sitting Rates: $85/night for cats
Overnight Pet Sitting Rates: $125/night for very ill/Special needs
* Prices subject to change without notice.

“Barbara watched my dogs overnight and has for years. She is very good at her job and is a great animal lover. She worked as a vet tech for a while which is an added bonus. She always sends me pics of her cuddling with my dogs and I just love that. I’ve had other pet sitters before but Barbara is the only one I can trust and rely on over the years. I just love her services.” M.D.